My Journey with God 2017 book cover (flat)My Journey With God

Would you like to hear what it’s really like to be a Christian? Would you like to see behind the facade that everything is perfect? Would you like to know there’s somebody else out there who can relate to what you’re going through – right now?
Written as stories, this book shares the true life experiences of someone who has lived through both the joys and challenges of being a Christian. It offers hope and encouragement to those who are searching for true meaning and purpose for their lives. It gives insights to those just beginning their own journey with God, as well as providing inspiration and motivation to those who have been Christians for years.
This book is for everyone. Come alongside me as I share My Journey with God and be blessed!


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Sweet Surrender

Cassie is in love … with God. And love can make you do the craziest of things … things you wouldn’t normally dream of doing if you were thinking clearly … if you were thinking logically. But, through the years in her relationship with God, Cassie has learned one very valuable lesson: Everything doesn’t have to make sense – it doesn’t all have to be logical. If love is blind, then Cassie is blindly following the One who created her – the One who knows her best – and who knows what’s best for her. As Cassie contemplates her life, and which direction she should take next, she will discover – in a greater way than ever before – how surrendering all to God results in living a life rich with purpose, meaning, fulfillment, peace, and hope – hope that will one day result in hearing the words she longs to hear, “Well done, my daughter.”   

(Book 1 of The Surrendered Life Series – A Christian Fiction Book)

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New Life

Trevor has begun a new life … an intentional life. No longer content to just go through the motions, he has decided to live his life with the intent of glorifying God.

Finding inspiration from other men of God who have gone before him, Trevor sets out on his own journey of showing the world what a new creation in Christ looks like … at any age.


(Book 2 of The Surrendered Life Series – A Christian Fiction Book)

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Susan has seen the profound impact one person’s life can have upon another … and now, she wants to do some impacting of her own.

But will her efforts produce the results she is expecting?




(Book 3 of The Surrendered Life Series – A Christian Fiction Book)

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One Size does not Fit All

Are you ready to tackle your mountain?

ONE SIZE does not FIT ALL is a 30 day devotional designed to give you the tools you need to tackle the mountain of losing weight and keeping it off permanently – God’s way – no matter what size mountain you’re facing:

Small – For those individuals who want to “nip it in the bud.” Even if you struggle with losing just a few stubborn pounds permanently, this book is for you.

Medium – If your struggle is beginning to get out of hand and you’re looking for a lasting solution to enable you to take off the extra pounds for good.

Large – If your weight is hindering you from living your every day life and your mountain seems insurmountable – don’t give up just yet – there is hope for you as well.

ONE SIZE does not FIT ALL takes into account the fact that every person is an individual and every person is different in exactly what it will take to overcome whatever size mountain is being faced.

It shows that our uniqueness reveals our need to go to God (our Creator) to find out the customized plan He has designed for us, personally, to not only lose weight, but to keep it off for good.

How do I know the concepts in this book work? Because I have been learning them and putting them into practice myself over the past 15+ years and I, personally, have lost over 40 lbs. and have gained permanent victory in overcoming my own mountain by following God’s customized plan for me.

Allow me to share scriptures along with my personal experience and insights I’ve gained, and you too can discover how letting God direct your weight loss efforts can give you permanent victory over your mountain as well!

(30 Day Devotional)

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Annabel and Tim are at a crossroads in their marriage. Will they be brave enough to face the light of truth as God reveals it to them?

Or will they stay in the dark and let the flame of their relationship fade away?




(A Stand-Alone Christian Fiction Book)

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Whispers to the soul cover for kindle 2018 JPEGWhispers to the soul

Adrianne, the 47 year old wife of Robert, a successful advertising executive, Natasha, the 37 year old wife of Jael, an abusive drug dealer, and Jane, the 57 year old wife of Rick, a compassionate missionary, don’t appear to have much in common – on the surface. However, when their husbands all decide to get on a plane one ordinary day these strangers lives are changed forever.

Now connected by circumstances beyond their control, the three women form a bond that draws them closer to God – and each other.

With advice coming from every direction, Adrianne, Natasha, and Jane must choose to support one another as each embarks upon their own journey to discern God’s voice above all others whispering to their soul.

(A Stand-Alone Christian Fiction Book)

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Hidden Love

Environmental geologist Greg DuMont is looking for one thing, the woman God has for him to be his partner for life. Those close to him think they know the type of person he should be with and take every opportunity at trying to set him up … but Greg believes only God could match him to the woman He knows would be right for him, so he chooses to wait for God’s perfect timing to bring him to his Hidden Love.

Meanwhile …

Wildlife photographer Callie Henderson is searching for the person God has destined for her to be with as well. She, too, believes only God can pair her up with the person who He knows is best for her … however, just when she thinks she’s found “the one” will misconceptions about what true love really looks like keep her from embracing God’s plan for her life?

(A Stand-Alone Christian “clean romance” Book)

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