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Revisions (a Timeless Truths blog post)


Are you the stubborn type? Do you like to have everything go a certain way (your way) and do you easily get upset when your plans get changed? Well, there’s good news … you’re not alone! It’s quite common for people to think their way is the best way (perhaps the only way) to get things done, and get them done efficiently! The up side of that mentality is that you generally have a good work ethic; the down side is that you may not realize there’s a problem until someone else points it out (hopefully gently) … and that’s when humility needs to come into play. You need to be willing to accept there really are other ways of doing things … and some ways just could be better than what you imagined. Jeremiah 29:11 (NIV) tells us, “For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.” So, this timeless truth lets us know that God’s plan for our lives is good (period). Even when it may not look that way on the surface, God’s plan is always good … the problem often comes when we may not see things the way God sees them. We may have a vision of how our lives ought to go … how one thing will lead to another, and another, and another so that eventually our vision comes to pass. However, as we quickly learn (as in all of life) our plans often undergo several “revisions” before the “final draft” is completed … and even then, it’s still not over until it’s over (meaning even more revisions will most likely be needed before all is said and done). The key is being open and willing to allow Jesus to be Lord (not just Savior) of our lives. Think of the word revisions as re-visions … being willing to change and get a new vision … being willing to change course (as the Lord leads). Suppose you had gone through the process of applying for several new jobs and had started to think maybe there was one other job you might be willing to apply for as well and you had started to open yourself up to that possibility but had not yet actually gone and done it. Then suppose you get a phone call out of the blue from a company in the same business as the one you had been thinking about (but had not applied to yet). This company got your resume online when you filled out all the information for the job bank and you had no clue until you got that phone call that you “just so happened” to answer without knowing who it was. What would you do? Would you be open and willing to at least talk to the person on the other end … even though it wasn’t in your plan? Would you be willing to “change course” and see what they had to say/what they had to offer you? Would you realize perhaps this was a blessing from God you hadn’t fully considered receiving yet? Would you revise your own plan and be open to a new plan – a new vision? Hopefully (and prayerfully) you would … otherwise, it’s possible you may miss making the change that could be needed … the change that could lead to a new destiny for you … a new blessing for you to grow in the grace and knowledge of God … into the knowledge of how much of a loving and gracious God we have the privilege of knowing personally. Remember, when God tells us a revision is needed to our original plan, we can trust that His plans are always good and always better than anything we could have dreamed up ourselves!

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Behind-the-Scenes (Part 4)


The Making of Vision

After I wrote One Size does not Fit All (30 Day Devotional) I felt like I had to wait to experience something new before I could write again. I felt like I had already written about everything that I’d gone through in my life in some way and that there was nothing left for me to write about. However, I thought wrong.

One morning as I was thinking about my experience from the previous night chatting online with the “support” that came with a certain technical device I had purchased (since I had trouble getting it set up properly), I realized how great it felt just to be able to converse back and forth through the physical act of typing. I felt like I, as a writer, was able to express myself. Even though I hadn’t been writing a book, just the act of writing (typing) anything that someone else read made me feel good – especially when I was so grateful at the end of the chat and everything was working properly and I could express my gratitude to the person who had helped me out so much.

This line of thinking led me to realize how it didn’t really matter what form it took (my writing) – the important thing was that I was using my gift to express myself in the unique way God had designed me, personally.

As I hadn’t thought of it that way before, it opened my eyes to see things from a new perspective. Once that happened, I started to realize that I didn’t need to wait to experience something new in my life before I could write again. All I needed to do was see an experience I’d recently had from a new perspective … and then I could write about that.

Then, I started to get excited and got the idea for the title (Vision), and the main character (Annabel) along with her profession as an interior designer – and the idea’s took off from there since Annabel could see things from a different perspective as she envisioned the transformation of other people’s homes.

My own recent experience of having God give me a new perspective on my own relationship with my husband from when we had gone through a major struggle in our own marriage gave the inspiration for the story to be about a Christian couple who separated and had to listen to God to know what they needed to do to work things out.

As I learned, seeing things from a different perspective did indeed give me a new “vision” – and having a new vision changed everything!

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