Day 12

“When you ask, you do not receive, because you ask with wrong motives…” James 4:3

Usually, it takes something happening in our lives to get us to realize a change needs to be made. That “something” is oftentimes shown as a problem that just won’t go away. We may try to ignore it or deal with things the best we can the way they are – but, eventually, there comes a point when we need to take action and actually do something to address the issue. With weight loss, sometimes the point comes when the people who care about us just won’t stop with their heartfelt pleas for us to take care of ourselves … or a special event is coming up … or our age is reaching a certain milestone. Frustrated, we may even cry out to God and ask Him to help us lose the weight. But God looks past the request to the heart of the matter. He looks at what our true motivation is. He knows whether or not we’re simply trying to lose the weight to get our loved one’s off our back … or to impress others … or to take better care of ourselves. God knows whatever the real truth is deep down in our hearts … and He loves us so much He desires our motives to be pure – the kind that will stick around for a while – the kind that will result in our efforts producing the fruit of lasting victory. When I finally addressed my weight issue, I did so because I was not happy with how I felt. It was my own decision. I did it for me. Because of that fact, I believe God saw my heart and how broken I was … how desperate I was for Him to be the One to deliver me from my captivity. Then, once I asked for His help, He gave it … seeing the sincerity of my heart and knowing my true motives.

Insider’s Tip: Ask yourself what your motivation is for wanting to lose weight and conquer your weight loss mountain. Then, go to God in prayer with pure motives and be assured that He will answer your prayers.

(end of Day 12)

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